Hi fish tank people-I have a pair of pleco with eggs in a cave- the male is fanning them aprox 2days- gonna have to siphon them out to a non community tank- so am wondering how long before they hatch(don't want the Angels to eat the babies) I have utubed the subject but all the vids seem to skip how and when to remove fry from cave.

Also, do they eat cucumber and zucchini right away or do they need something else as fry? Thanks for any input

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Well-guess i am on this learning curve alone:( ...They have hatched and i picked up the cave with the father in it (couldnt get him to leave)and put it in netted baby tank within the orig tank. Super excited to see the babies. Put both algae wafer and cuke just to see what works. Both the parents are albino long fin, so it will be interesting to see what finage and color the babies will be. So far so good




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