Alright, here's the situation. I got two angel fish that spawned some time today. It's there very fist time spawning and i'm very interested in making sure the babies survive. The parents are currently in a heavily planted 26 gallon tall tank with 5 black-skirt tetras. The parents are doing a good job protecting the batch, but i'm wondering if I should move the tetras in a separate tank. Also, can I do water changes? or will it stress the parents out? Your guys's help and advice is greatly appreciated!

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Moving the tetras to a separate tank will stress the angels. Actually the tetras might improve the performance of the parents, stimulating their protective instincts...  

Wow-There are so many variables..but i tried to keep babies in the main tank and it never worked for me.just getting food to them is the main problem-As soon as they swim, carefully siphon them in to an a:

2 gallon plastic bucket

a small heater

an old xsmall filter-with a sponge covering intake

a section of airhose for a siphon- taped to a chopstick for rigidity.

last but not least- frozen BABY brine shrimp- feed 3x per day

You need to do partial water change every day because water quality is very important to fry survival

Its like a BIG science experiment-but very rewarding once you figure it out...and don't worry..if the first batch gives you trouble...your Angels will be glad to keep giving you more opportunity to try again

thank you so much! 




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