Seriously...My Beautiful Blue Platinum pearl scale freshwater angelfish, that i recently bought for a ton of money have swollen anal orifice's. First just one, now 2 others slightly- I have had angels for a long time with great success- never a problem. Its not the breeding tube-seen that plenty of times.

Any ideas on whether its parasite or a internal bacterial infection.

Dustin had a problem similar to this with his Angels one time- did he figure it out?

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Dustins angel ended up laying eggs    Of u want to see te follow up video for the that time

i guess thats one way to put it


Wow- that's it ? Thought someone would have some helpful input for me.

It is not about the fish reproductive cycle. I have had breeding pairs for years.

Googled - Angelfish disease/parasites -got no viable information-

Guess i will just treat for parasites and bacterial both.




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