My Rotala is only about 8in+high and is starting to bend over. What does this mean? Poor light? Bad water quality?

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Generally if you have high lighting the rotala will grow sideways.  My rotala grows sideways and up.  I seem to be the rotala rotundifolia master since my tank loves to grow it. 

what type of lighting, how much and over what tank?

Its the Coralife Biocube 29. Compact fluorescents1 6700 K and 1 10,000k. I am going to switch the 10,000k soon to 6,700. Both are 36 watt I believe.

ah i see the tank thats usually used for coral tanks.  Yes you have high lighting but thats fine as long as you dont have algae growing =)

ive used 10,000K color temp bulbs before, they work fine.  if you dont like the color then i can understand changing to 6700k or rosette bulbs



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