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Future plans....

Sometime in 2012, I am going to need your help.

See this space?  This is the retreat in our house.  I call it my reading room.  There's nothing in there but a couch and a coffee table.  

I want to put a tank here.  A big glorious, "ooooo and ahhhhh" worthy tank.

I made my husband remeasure the space. (I got 87" when I measured) It is apparently 93" long…


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6 months

the 46g bowfront has been up and running for about 6 months now. the tank has been doing really well.

at one point i had the lights going for 14 hours a day, got really great growth.

recently i have thined everything down and rescaped the whole tank so lights will only be on a few hours

a day for about a week.



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The tank cleaning project (bluck)

PROBLEM:  We were given this DISGUSTING tank.  I would like to make it usable.

THE PLAN:  Soak this sucker in hot water, bleach, and vinegar.…


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write up for a dirty old tank and how to make it a success

foxfarm ocean soil. you can get it at most hydroponic or gardening supply stores.

look for NPK or nitrogen phosphorus potassium, the less of those in the water the better. plants need a good substrate but the enhanced stuff can sometimes be a little too strong. look for numbers near 1.0 or under percentage. you should see some numbers in their due to the organic richness of the…


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New to live plant tanks, and need advice.

Can someone send me a link to the correct Miracle Gro soil to purchase.  Everything I see is a "mix" and has fertilizers added.  Even the yellow bag "organic" says enriched with fertilizer.

I have a 20 gallon tank I would like to plant.  I have never planted a tank before.  Honestly, I just bought a 5 gallon last month (November) and it's the first tank we have ever owned.  My f.i.l. gave us his old 20 gallon (which is disgusting and needs to be cleaned) but I thought I would…


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plant ferts and what they are good for.

  • Potassium - Protein synthesis, water and charge balance, enzyme activation.
  • Boron - Chlorophyll production, flowering, root growth, cell function.…

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Aquarium is sealed

2 days ago I filled up my tank, and until now, it did not leak. 

I have to admit, that my attempt of sealing the tank was an failure and was caused by my lag of knowledge regarding mastering the silicone. Luckily for me, a friend of mine knows how that stuff works, and redid the sealing part, after I cleaned up the mess that I've made.

On Monday or Tuesday I will check the 40 year old Eheim filter and also the light. I also have two 50W heater, but I guess it is better…


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Iron frame Tank

Today I got the good old tank from my aunt and uncle. That baby was built in 1968 and was in service for about 7 years. At that time those tanks were hold together by an iron frame and cement to keep it leakproof. After all the time in shelf I think that there is a big chance, that it will leak.

After inspecting the tank, I figured out, I'll break the glass when I try to get it out off the tank. So I try to clean the messy work on the outside, and did a soft grinding on the iron frame…


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