Fluval Stratrum Vs. Dirt or other substrates.

Hello everyone,

    I need some help with my 5.5 gallon planted tank.  I've been in the hobby for 11 years but just got into plants. I have Cryps, amazon swords, and anubias.  I want to add more plants like ludwigia and maybe some more cryps. However I want to upgrade my substrate first.  I'm running it low tech.  I have a Finnex Stingray Clip on light, I put H20 root tabs in every 2 months, and I'm dosing half ML of Flourish once a week.  My cryps are growing well, my amazon sword has shot out 6 new stems and I already trimmed some. Alge is barely growing. I feel like I have pretty good balance. Again though I want more plants but feel like root tabs won't be enough.  I want to know if Fluval Stratum or dirt substrate is better.   Even another substrate, but I can't find good answers on the internet because everyone has success and failures with both. I'm just trying to find what is right for me. 

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Comment by MIMI on September 25, 2018 at 2:27pm

  The plants you have mentioned are all easily grown in low tech tanks. From what you've described its sounds as though your tank is already a success. I would be hesitant to "dirt" a small tank as it is messy if you decide to move plants and is unnecessary. I have successfully kept crypts, swords, lugwigia and anubias in basic aquarium gravel with the addition of root tabs. Personally, I prefer
Ecocomplete as a substrate due to its attractiveness and its ease of planting. Ultimately substrate is a personal preference. Feel free to drop into chat and get more input!

Comment by Philip on September 25, 2018 at 2:41pm
Thanks for the comment and feed back! I'll have to look into EcoComplete. Do you like using it a lot?


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