Why I avoid facebook fish groups. u guys r my rock<3

Have you ever been a part of a fish group? Have you come across a person seeking information that you just so happened to have a personal experience on? 
Before going out of your way to type out something, beware of the arm chair experts. 
For not everything you tell some people can be handled. For example-

  • Person seeking information in regards to cyanobacteria invasion.

I take the liberty to share my personal experiences with this problem. 
The arm chair expert approaches and tells me how i am absolutely wrong, imposing i should have never shared my personal experience to begin with. 
Before getting into a pointless squabble with this obviously ignorant person, I go ahead and point out a fact to the chap. 

I says-
This is generally what keeps me from posting, Because when you post advice, wiether or not it works for you, someone is going to give you a negative comment about your comment. 
this is the harsh reality of most fishtank groups.
I am now being told i am being "butthurt" because my ideas stupid, No need to be "butthurt" friend, ignorantniqqa says-
If you come across a person in a fishtank group telling you some negative shiz after just simply shared a personal experience???
you have a few options. 
ARGUE - witch will change nothing and make you look worse than the ignorant duck.
IGNORE- this is not a easy route to go on, but its one of the best since this poor fellow cant obviously help himself hold back his heaping amount of shit and ego mixed together. 
LEAVE THE GROUP- If you are a part of a fishtank group you should be around people that are mature enough to know you have the right of posting a personal experience weither or not its right or wrong. 

  1. The point of this blog? To spread awareness of the amount of egotistical bickhead fishkeepers out there. When you come across someone who is misguided, you're an asshole if you give them trouble for it. You should educate people if you see that they are misguided on a topic, rather than making yourself look like a tool and achieving nothing. 

Dont settle for a shitty fish group that you can't even comment in. There are groups out there full of mature people, who arnt waiting to jump the gun to take you down. You just have to find them! <3
I still dont even know what butthurt really means. 

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Comment by 3 for 3 on February 23, 2016 at 12:29pm

u seem butthurt


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