So in the coming months i am going to be looking for a 180 gallon tank and probably buying one and i dont know what fish to put in the tank, and the tank is going to planted, and planted heavly. I already have some fish in mind and the fish are:


          20-30 cardinal tetras

          6-8 roseline sharks

          12 rummynose tetras

          12 harlequin rasboras

          10-13 sterbe corys

  This is my list so far so let me know how it is or what else you think i should add to the tank, and i would like to add one fish that is bigger than the other fish but won't bully them so let me know and i will take all advise if it makes sense, one more thing, the way i look at the fish are the smaller fish are the workers like in real life and the cory cats would be the garbage men to clean up after the workers and the rosline sharks to be like the managers of the works and the one big fish to be the head or boss of every one.

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