Hey guys i have a question, i found a 29 gallon tank on craigslist and it came with a stand and every thing and was only 25 dollers and had no leaks and was wondering if i could get away with having some discus fish in the tank i have always wanted some. I know that discus like to be in larger tanks in schools of six or more with lots of plants and cover, so dont yell at me, I was just wondering if i could get away with having discus in a 29 gallon tank,maybe three or four discus in the tank running at 82 to 84 degrees and would run by a canister filter, let me know.

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Discus really like to be in groups of at least 5-6. If you get just 1 or 2 (unless they're a breeding pair) in such a small tank, they won't be colorful and will tend to hide a lot. I really wouldn't want to stock 3-4 discus in such a small tank. There's going to be a lot of water changes involved since they like their water extremely clean. By a lot I mean at least a 20% everyday. Another concern would be the size they grow to, At adult size, they average at 6" in diameter and won't have much swimming room in a 29 gallon. Most people would say the minimum size requirement would be 55 gallon tank. There are people that have kept discus in 40 gallons but had to do frequent water changes. Discus are a really challenging fish, as they dont like bright light, so the best option would be low light planted tank. They really like their oxygen. They're also really picky eaters. Some will take flakes or pellets, but only if you're lucky. Those flakes or pellets have be high in protein as well. This is why people create their own discus food using beef heart.

I already knew most of that infomation, thanks anyway, i have been studying discus fish for quite a while now. I already new that it would be pretty impossible to house them in a tank that size but thanks again, you should check out my channel somtime.

55g would be best.

29g would be for a grown out tank..

yea 29 gallon could only house discus if they were juviniles, then they would have to go to a 75 gallon tank, So yea 29 gallon would be a grow tank.



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