Im setting up a 75 gallon with all the high end things you can possibly do. Im using aquaticlife 4 t-5s pressurized co2. I plan on keeping 5 discus and a small school of cardinal tetras. Then some corey catfish as well. Tank would sit around 83 degrees. Light cycle would be 8 hours for two bulbs then 6 hours for the other two bulbs. Filtration will be provided by two canister filters one 305 and one 406. Ei dosing will be applied to the setup. I plan on doing a variety of stem plants for this setup with a nice big of dwarf hair grass or blyxa for a nice foreground plant. Also, I will doing dirt in this tank with 5mm gravel from foster and smith.


is 216 watts overkill on this tank setup? plus I want to do all stem plants for this setup.

Plus should I move my discus to this setup when I get it going because they are about 3.5 inches now almost 4 inches.


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Are ur lights t5-no or are they t5-ho? If ur gonna ei dose y are u gonna dirt ur tank? Are u not afraid of the excess ferts causing and algae bloom i would be if i was planning to ei dose. Wpg is used as a measure for t8 and t12 lights. If u want to know if ur lights provide high med or low light read this
I never used EI dosing before. Should I look into Eco complete or somthing like that? Plus I would be using HO t5s I look at the link you shown me and I came up with my lights being at 22 if I was correct which I think I did the calculation wrong.




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