Hello I have a 7 month only set up, 90 gallon semi reef with a bubble tip anemone, mushrooms, and some misc. corals. All my livestock are listed in the video below, none have ever touched a coral (except the clowns) and I am going to get some better lights, maybe LED's. I would like some more beginner corals such as green star polyp, more Zoanthids, frogspawn and more anemones
So what other coral are their that are green blue or yellow
I would like these colors because my tank is to red and brown


P.S. sorry for the bad quality video


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video doesn't work.

I know what you mean about the red/brown look... that's currently the color scheme of half of my corals right now.  the other colors are green and blue/green.


Sorry for the mess up and thanks for replying

P.S. I have now added some new LED lights and leather corals

my leather coral is green when it's contracted but mostly brown when extended.

i had radioactive zoos which were green, and of course a favorite green star polyps, yellow not tried but heard it was hard would include the sun coral, i had a hammer coral which was like a neon green, as well as green mushrooms



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