What kind of angel fish should i get for my freshwater tank?

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try koi angels or marble angels they are realy cool in color

altum's the one for me

what do you like? 

i dont really know but i have 4 needle nose gar, 1 elephant nose, 1 placo, 2 corey catfish, 1 leaf fish so it would have to get along with them

The kois and the blushing are colorful. The marbles and the angelfish with three stripes( almosts looks like an altum). Oh by the way kois look really cool.

thanks guys ill look them up

I will be ordering Platinum Pearlscale and Phillipine Blue "Pinoy" Angels very shortly...Newer color strains only recently isolated.  There are so many variations which have become available to breeders and hobbyists these days - Half-Black, Double-Black, Veil-tailed & Super Veils, Select Koi, Albino Marble, Phillipine Blue Pinoy & Paraiba, Belgian Seal Point...almost as many varieties as there are people who breed them, it can be difficult to make a choice.

My guess is, search the web for Angelfish (especially YouTube for Videos), find color patterns that you'd like to have in your tank, then find someone who sells them.  A lot of the major Angelfish breeders can be found in YouTube and in the Classifieds section of the major Aquarium Hobby Magazines, Like Tropical Fish Hobbyist, Aquarium Fish International, and other magazines dedicated to the aquarium hobbyist.

Also...Ask here as well...some people breed angels that frequent these forums, and could hook you up with some juveniles for a good deal.  You never know. :D




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