Just dirtied my tank, I run c02....

Think an Avocado will grow?

Stay tuned to find out...

Have a 180gal awesome planted now dirtied cichlids tank.


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I'm a bit worried about a dirted cichlid tank. Are the angelfish or a dwarf SA cichlid (like apisto?) or a large CA/SA like an oscar or jaguar? or non-shelldweller African Cichlids? Pretty much all but the angels/Dwarf SA/CA will dig a lot and may make a huge mess!

Let us know how this develops. I hope the avacado grows too :D I could use some guacamole!

Hey Tony,

Yeah they are Africans. Metriaclima(2 orange,2 blue) and 9 yellow labs. I got that name from this web site,


I also have 5 tiger barbs, a 4" Chinese algae eater, and 4 spotted Cory catfish and two bala sharks.

Luckily the cichlids in my tank are not agressive diggers nor do they mess with the plants. The avacado has no change yet...

Just bought a few 650nm H.O. T5

About to try and figure out the ferts next. I'll get some pics soon.

Peace man




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