I have a question i have a 10 gallon tank and would like to start a angelfish breeding set up and i want to know if it would work. So first off i want to get some java moss and put it all through out the tank so the angelfish fry have a spot to hide, next i would place a clay pot near the java moss for the angelfish to spawn/breed on. My lighting would be LED lighting to keep the java moss growing, my filtration would be a sponge filter so the fry and eggs dont get sucked in to the filter. I would set the temp at 82 degrees so the eggs and fry would develop faster, the tank would be bare bottom. Feeding wise i would feed the fry egg yolk or hikari fry pellets probaly both, for the parents i would feed the a high protein food like omegs,hikari, or another kind of high protein food i forget the name of it. So would this work let me know.

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Wouldn't u need a larger tank? Are they already paired off?

I dont have the the 10 gallon tank setup right now this is going to happen in a few months, and i would have 4 juvinile angels in a 29 or 36 gallon and as they grew up i would wait till they paired off then i would place the pair in the 10 gallon to breed/spawn. This is a future plan that would happen in a couple months, i was just wundering when i set up the 10 gallon breeding tank, if it would work. The 29 or 36 gallon would be set up a month or two in advance to see if they pair up then when they pair up wich could take a year i would put them in the 10 gallon. Like i said above my question is would the 10 gallon work for a breeding tank. Hope this helps you to make a better response, thank you.

i would have them in a 36 gallon as the main tank then when they paired up and started breeding i would put them into a 20 gallon the reason why i say 20 instead of 10 is because i went and did some reaserch, and the 20 gallon sounded more reasonable than 10 gallon. The 20 gallon would have the same things as the 10 gallon would have. The hikari firstbites is what i ment sorry forgot the name of it, thankyou for reminding me.



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