Well this will be a forum to discuss breeding tips or asking questions.

to start things off..

im trying to breed cory's in a 20g long water treated with indian almond leaves, a small power head to add some current, temp is 80, its a mix of 8 corys peppered,bronze,emerald,exc. hoping for cross breeding. i heard you have to fatten them up and then do colder water changes to induce spawing. but any other tips would help! 

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add heavy on frozen or live food

lower the water level by about 2-3 inch for 4-5 days , after that time top up the tank with water that's about 15 degrees F colder than your tank

it simulates a dry spell followed by a heavey rain fall

worked great with my egyptian mouthbrooders and my gold rams

Hey fish tank people-I have a pair of long fin albino ancistrus brushy nose pleco- They have eggs in a cave and the male is fanning the eggs aprox 2 days.....How long till they hatch, because i need to watch for when they start swimming to siphon them off into a safe non community tank...also do they eat zuchinni and cucumber right away or do i need something different ? Really want to make this new endeavor successful. I have already been very successful with breeding several  pair of Angels. Thanks for any input.



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