Hey guys,

I just bought a bushy nose pleco, an albino bushy nose, and 5 otos, and when i feed my fish, i feel like they don't get a good diet because they just stay at the glass sucking while the other fish (corys and a clown loach) take all the food. This morning I tried some sinking algae wafers to see if they would move to get them and they didn't, and considering I don't have any algae in my tank as of now, I'm not sure what to do because i don't want them to starve! Thanks for any help :)

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Well their sucking on the glass cus the glass has algae and that's what they eat.  U can try putting some wafers just before lights out cus plecos are more active at night 

ok thanks man ill do that

 When i had my plecos i would ue my vegie clip and put zucchini or cupcumber in it and i did this just before the lights went out and by morning there was only the skin left, this should work and you can get vegie clips at most pet stores, and also put some wafers in at the same time as the zucchini or cupcumber like pedro said above

Thanks guys, fish got used to eating from the wafers and are doing great, thanks for replies :)

They love green vet and carrot(cooked) and cucumber, lettuce. Also make sure you have some wood in the tank.

Yup, just got some wood in today, should get some pics up later and thanks for the help

PLEASE get some pics! would LOVE to see this!:)

hey robbie, putting it in before lights out is no use, the other fish will see it and eat it. what i do is (depending on when you turn your lights off) wait til it gets completely dark outside so no light gets in the tank, then put wafers in. zDepending on how big your plecos are, you can  break up the wafer into smaller bits. hope this helps



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