i was wondering if i can keep an all male platy tank because i dont want babies so will they fight or they will be happy with eachother?

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have u kept all males together and also my water wisteria in my tank doesnt look so hot i have regular gravel a 15 watt flourescent 6500k bulb and im using api leafzone my photo period is 8 hours but i recently changed to 6 some of the leves are decaying and has holes in them and the bottom leaves are wilting and dying this is an easy to care for plant so i dont want to get more if i cant grow this one
have you kept male platies together and i have water wisteria but its dying i have a 6500k bulb and i use api leaf zone with regular gravel and the photo period is 6 hours it is an easy to care for plant so i dont know why its dying and the leaves have holes and the bottom leaves are wilting and dying to so i was wondering if algae might be a problem i have alot of brown algae in my glass and black beard algae so i am getting amano shrimp to help with the black beard algae and i will be cleaning the algae if the glass aa well so what do i do

You can have male platys and guppies together in a tank with no problems but you can't have male sword tail fish or mollies together because they will kill each other, this is also personal experience my mistake was very costly, now in regards to your plant it is potassium what you are lacking, I am not an expert I just say what I have learned from personal experience and what I have been advise from people here that are very knowledgeable and helpful and their advises & recommendations have worked. (thank you to all of you guys!!!)

so is using api leaf zone bad or good cause that what im using i also have this one plant that i dont know the name but its growing like crazy its in a foreground height right know and the leaves are green but then turn brown as they grow



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