I am really interested in having white sand in my 15 gallon planted aquarium but Seachem doesn't make it. I have seen people put clay on the bottom of the aquarium and sand on the top. Does anyone know if this will work and if it does work, what clay should I use.


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Yes it works. N e clay is fine. Try avoiding playsand as ur sand cap

I used unsented plain clay kitty litter as a component in my substrate mixture...it works great and is white. Not sure what other people on the site might think about it .Definitely cheap though

Thanks guys. I actually went to the pet store and found some white sand that is safe for freshwater fish. I am going to use Seachem Root Tabs.

Good Morning everyone. I just finished rolling 30 clay balls for the dirted 55 i'm setting up. Just happened to occur to me to ask exactly what purpose does the clay in the substrate serve?
The plants use it for nutrients. You can also use Seachem Root Tabs which are fertilization tablets. I am using them in the 15 Gallon tropical planted tank that I am setting up this weekend!



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