Saw this piece at my LFS and for whatever reason I had to have it.  Bought it for $20 bucks.  No idea if that's a good price or not, salt stuff always seems pricey especially with some of the prices of coral that I saw.  Had it for a couple days now and so far seems to be doing alright, the tentacles open up when the lights come on and closes down when the lights go off.  I need to find out what this is so I can figure out what to do about its care.  Right now it's under the old 6700K fluorescent daylight. I ordered a 60watt LED marine fixture (10,000k, Actinic 460nm) which should be arriving sometime this week and should be roughly 3 times the amount of light I currently have for the tank and the correct marine color temperature.

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Not so sure looks like a type of polyp
it looks like a zoanthid colony or polyps......just like I suggested and you said they looked generic ;)

That is definately not a Zoanthid Colony.This looks to me lke a Waving hand Colony Polyps. Correct me if I'm wrong but this looks like a Waving Hand. But if I'm right then your in for a challenge. This Coral is difficult to maintain. It requires Iodine and other supplements along with medium-strong flow and High amounts of light.... Put this at the top and good luck. Oh and if this is a Waving Hand, 20$ is a steal. Really good deal. Dont sress too much have fun.

I've been told it's pipe organ and I'll have to agree.

I recall my previous statement. On closer inspection, this does look more like a Organ Pipe Coral. Tubipora musica. Still needs high light moderate flow. Good luck :)

light's not a problem, the LED light I have on there now puts out a lot of light.  flow seems alright, the coral sways in the current.

yea looks like an organ pipe coral. becareful really resembles the flower pot gorgonian i once had very sensitive and will melt if not careful with it. just by the appearance looks expert



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