Cryptocoryne wendtii green new growth turning brown

Hi guys, I've been noticing that the new growth on my crypt is brown and I'm not sure what to make of it. Could anyone tell me if I'm lacking any specific nutrients or if simply these are the new leaves adapting to my tank?

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Crypts (and other plants) will sometimes change color depending on light intensity; also change leaf shape.

I have had green crypts have wide brown leaves in lower light and skinny green leaves in higher light.  Nothing to be conserned about.

Hey thanks, I figured as much that my plant was just adjusting to the tank. But would you say that I'm running too low of lights then? I have a 29 gallon and the lights are aquaticlife t5's with 2x24 watt bulbs. I would say that my light is about 20 inches above the substrate




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