Hey guys I hve six fishtanks four of them are empty I hve one dirt and one none dirty to test out how the dirt goes wat would be some good fish for a 56 gal corner a 20 long and high and then a 33gal ??

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In the 56 gallon i think you should try a small school of sterbea corys maybe 6 to 8 and then 2 or 3 angelfish and some roseline sharks and some oto cats to clean algea of the plants.

In the 20 long i think you should try 2 bolivian rams a school of 6 neon tetras and maybe 4 kuhule loaches as your clean up crew.

In the 20 tall i think you should have 1 pearl gourami 6 neon tetras and 6 cherry barbs

In the 33 gallon i think you should have a heavly planted tank with some tangled drift wood and have a school of 6 to 8 skunk corys and a large school of cardnal tetras maybe 12 or 14 just have good filtration and regular water changes and nitrites and nitrates along with ammonia wont be a problem i know this sounds like alot of fish just do wat i said and you will be fine. 

Ok thx and no it doesn't sound lik alot of fish I hve my 29 over stocked so I'll move my angels to the 56 and I'll try to find the sterbais they r hard to find :P thx tho :) I'll let u knw how eveythimg goes
Also what about discus? I always wanted lik three or four never got them tho what do u think bout tht since my 29 gal is gonna be only rummy and bloodfin tetras an some shrimp??



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