Hey guys so I just purchased some Riccia Fluitans. Now just waiting for its arrival!! So I was going to buy some mesh to attach it to rocks but I got to thinking. Couldn't I just use like the mesh bags from like a bag of oranges or onions from the grocery store? Well I stopped by my local grocery and they happily gave me some mesh bags. I'm pretty stoked about this idea as to see how it works. What are you guys thoughts on this alternative as far as mesh for Riccia Fluitans? 

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Any mesh will work so far as it is free of contaminates. In this case id worry about pesticides from those bags at the grocery. I bought one of those mesh bath loofas for about a dollar. It has many layers and will last a while. Again with those make sure there are no detergents in it. There is stainless steel mesh which is pricier, but can be easier to work with. You use either string, elastics or my favorite stainless steel staples to attach it. Also make sure to not keep the mesh too loose or it will fall out but too tight will crush the riccia and it wont grow as well. Just experiment and you'll figure it out. It's beautiful but can be a pain to keep tidy. Good luck.

Just get one of those net bath sponges .They are made up of a big tube of mesh , so all you have to do when you get it is push your stone with riccia on it , into the net tube and staple it , so it stays tight.

Yeah good thinking! I am going to try one of the loofas out. Now since I only have a 2x2 piece should I let it float for a few weeks to let it get big so I have enough to work with?



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