Hello all ! I've been wanting to set up a dutch aquascape for awhile now and I finally had the time and money to do so ! Of course, I watched a few videos and looked at many pictures to get some kind of inspiration and idea of how to do it. I wouldn't say mine is the best, but I'm very content with the outcome and how it's growing in ! 

My Youtube | Video updates !


The opportunity honestly sprung up when I saw a craigslist posting for a rimless mr. Aqua 17.1 Gallon. I was surprised to see it, because Columbus, OH isn't really into rimless aquarium hype just yet. Well, I grabbed this from a guy for about 40 bucks and from there I decided to make my own DIY ADA stand. I like how they sat flush with the aquarium and the overall look. I generally followed this guide to make it. (DIY ADA Stand) I decided to just keep it the naked so I just stained it slightly and coated layers of lacquer.


 For Lighting I used The Finnex Ray 2 because I've heard many good reviews for it. BUT, many have said it was too strong, so I planned to only have a 7-8 hour photo period. Doing so, I have not run into any major algae issues. Substrate I decided to use Flourite black sand because I never tried it before. Honestly that's the only reason haha. It was also backed up with some great reviews though. Co2 I have it on a Aquatek Co2 Regulator 'Mini'. Great product; I've used it previously on my other tanks. Having a paintball 20oz Co2 tank is very space saving as well. For filtration I use a Eheim Classic 250 2213. I am very "over filtrated" but I enjoyed my experience with these previously so why not, haha. For smaller things, I also have a Eheim 350 Skim for surface film. (I've always ran into that problem)

Ista 2 in 1 diffuser is what I have hooked up to the Co2 accompanied with a Ista Co2 monitor drop checker.

Equipment List:

-DIY ADA Stand

-Mr. Aqua 17.1 Rimless Aquarium

-Finnex Ray 2

-Eheim Classic 250 2213

-Eheim 350 Skim

-Aquatek Co2 Regulator Mini

-20oz Co2 Paintball Can

-Ista 2 in 1 Diffuser

-Ista Drop Checker

-Flourite Black Sand


-AquaVitro Synthesis

-AquaVitro Propel

-Seachem Flourish Excel

-Seachem Potassium

-Seachem Root Tabs


-2 Boesemani Rainbowfish

-2 Dwarf Neon Rainbowfish

-6 Otts

-6 Spiral Nerite Snails

-2 SAE

Progress and Updates

Week 1

Everything set up and went fine. Plants added were what was available in the LFS in my area. On the left is Hygrophila Corymbosa Stricta with Hygrophila Corymbosa Kompakt in the mid ground. Pogostemon Helferi beside it to the left. Ludwigia Glandulosa right next to it. Hygrophila Difformis all by it's lonesome to the right. I needed more plants so the search continued.

Week 4

Added some Staurogyne Repens and moved everything close to each other. Added some Boesemani's too haha. There's also this ludwigia species there right beside the Difformis that I have no idea which it is. ID would be much appreciated. Things were also cut down. I decided to cut the old part of the stems and let only most of the new growth be shown. It made a dramatic difference in growth and lushness ! I highly recommend you do that once your plants get some growth and get past the melting stage.

Week 7

 After MUCH trimming I achieved the "Bushy" look in my plants. I forgot to mention I'm dosing excel, Aquavitro Propel, Synthesis, and Seachem Potassium. Rotala Indica to the right. I still need something to fill the mid/fore ground on the right. For the Difformis and ludwigia to the right, I decided to make them the mid ground along with the background plant. (Up to Date).

Week 9

Just an update ! Info on this update can be seen on this video ! 

Week 8-9 Update !

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its looking great,  hope to see more

Thanks, I will keep updates coming !

Awesome post. Tank is sweet. Thank you for sharing!

Thanks and no problem !




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