Last week I bought two new fish. With in the first two days they died. Now everything in my tank is dying and I dont know how to stop it. I did a 75% water change. They have no visible signs of sickness except one will be at the top of the tank trying to breath and then be dead the next day. Can anyone tell me whats going on or how to fix this?

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Sounds as though you might have an oxygen deficiency in the water, are you dosing co2 ? 

What type of fish were they? Wen u got the at the lfs were they swimming around alot or not moving alot? Did they have n e thing on them like ick or fin rot?
No im not dosing co2, its definitely a disease, some have developed a visible fungus on them as well so I bought meds to save them but im not sure if the ones who are infected will make it. Its mostly effecting rainbows and denison barbs and no the new fish didnt move much.
Oh and the fish from the the lfs were rainbows aswell
Maybe they were just weak (bad) fish. Always try to chose the fish thats swimming the most. If they arent active its a bad sign. U can always reject a fish and ask the lfs owner for a diff 1. Its ur money soo be picky about ur fish. U can ask some owners to feed them to see i the fish are eating. But n e ways like i said earlier maybe thy were just bad fish

Try Seachem Paragurad. I like it cause it doesn't require you to remove any media from your filter like other meds do.

Thanks for the advice everyone, the medication I picked up worked and they have stopped dying. Unfortunately I lost a lot of expensive fish, about 4/5 rainbows, 3 roseline sharks and a few tetras. But now everything is good. Thanks for all your help.

I had the same think happen 2 weeks ago. Bought two rams and 5 rummy nose tetras from my LFS. I know that there fish usually have ICH, but I didn’t quarantine like I should fault there.

First 2 days 4 rummy nose' dies....they are fragile fish in my experience so I didn’t think anything of it. Then I noticed one of my Rams got ICH. I treated with Ich-Attack (herbal) the next day one ram and one Denison barb dies. Now the Denison was big and my favorite fish so I was pissed. I noticed that another ram looked bloated and has a fuzzy white patch on it.....this confused me.

I raised the temp to get the ich to detach from my fish. 2 Denison barbs dead in the morning. Though oxygen def so I added 3 air stones. Ich was off the ram, another ram died. Another Denison bard died. Two additional Denison barbs had fuzzy white patches on them. Thought maybe a fungal disease…..I was wrong.

3 more fish dead. Now down from 6 to 1 Denison barb.

Water parameters all still perfect. I realized that my fish had ICH and dropsy. 50% water change. Bought Seachem Paraguard and Klanapex. Use frozen food soaked in Klanapex as well as Paraguard. Put ½ teaspoon of salt per gallon in my 125 tank….its planted but I figured that little amount won’t hurt the plants.

The paraguard almost instantly took care of the ICH. The klanapex took care of the dropsy. Pretty much when u see the white on the body for Dropsy, it’s already too late.


So ....5 Denison barbs, 3 glow light, 5 rummy nose, and 4 rams dead.........


I have now stocked up on medication and WILL NOT put fish in the tank without quarantine. Plants are good…remaining fish healthy.


I posted this so people can learn from my mistakes and maybe catch the same think before it has a massive effect on their tank.




Also I found out that the Denison barbs / rose line sharks are highly susceptible to Dropsy.....for future reference.




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