Looking at setting up my first dirted tank as I have managed to get hold of another tank. Going to just run it with plants only for a while until I get it established so not too worried about messing up and killing any fish. It's around 45 gallons so I have a reasonably amount of space to play with.

What kind of dirt do I use and where do I get it from (I'm in the UK)?

Do I cap it or leave it?

I'm just after a bit of starting advice really. I only just done my first planted tank with a sand substrate, it's looking great at the moment and I've decided to go all in and try out a dirted tank. It's a spare tank so I'm in no rush to get setup and I'm willing to take my time to get it right.

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Get n e dirt that does NOT contain chemical fertilizers. N e brad will do. U can get dirt from ur backyard if u know chem ferts have never been used on it. Being your first dirt tank i would recommend u cap it. If u can read on mineralizing dirt so u can do it to ur dirt before u add it to ur tank. U dont have to but it helps in the long run. The first week maybe 2 u have tons of excess nutrients that te dirt is releasing so ul meed to do daily wcs i u want to avoid algae. Also i recommend u heavily plant from the get go so the plants get the most out of the dirt.



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