I want to know what everyone's input is on the advantages and disadvantages of both acrylic and glass tanks for the planted aquarium. The reason being is that I am contemplating on buying another tank and this is one of the issues that really comes to my mind about making my choice.

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instead of typing everything out, I'm going to give you a link.  its very informative and then YOU can make the decision.  


after all is said and done, I choose glass = less scratches easier to clean (can use a razor blade to scrape algae off glass unlike acrylic)

however with acrylic I use an old ID  or credit card to scrape the algae

Very good link! I just recently wrestled w the same option. In the end I decided that glass if nothing else is just far more common. I like deals so if I want to save money, it'll be far easier to find second hand tanks made of glass than acrylic. If your willing to wait a bit and hunt around, good stuff usually comes up I find.
I also wonder if there would be any advantages for the overall health of plants in an acrylic tank.
One of my thoughts was that the acrylic might be a better insulator for plants. To kinda help shield them from dangerous temp swings.
I can't see how acrylic would be a factor in that. It's biggest advantages would be weight (larger tanks would be lighter) and ease of drilling (to add plumbing) if you were going that route.

It would be great to hear from any acrylic tank owners though. Acrylic is always described as softer than glass. Of course I understand that it's obviously capable of being used in this application, but how soft? Just how easy is it to scratch?

I know a person that used to have one and their not too entirely easy to scratch deeply, but shallower scratches are hard to avoid especially with certain types of substrate. 



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