What are some good schooling fish for a 15 Gallon single species tank????

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gold tetras, harlequin rasboras, 

Cardinal Tetras

I would try harlequin rasboras or neon tetras as they make buatifull display and are fairly easy to care for.

Pygmy Corries! great mid swimmer, unlike most corries.

Clestial Pearl Danios!

Chili Rasboras

thanks everyone! im pretty sure im gonna do the harlequin rasboras, i know my local petco has them and ive always wanted a nice school of them. but it would be really cool if you guys could take a look at my other post in the Plants section and give me some feedback on my setup!

bala sharks

We're talking about a 15G here Chris.

oh my bad. for 15g i would get neon tetra or maybe some tiger barbs




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