Hey guys, I've been noticing holes in the plants, especially in my amazon swords. They're not like very small circular holes, they're more like small tears. It's making my tank look bad. Any ideas what it could be?

Specs on tank:

15 watt strip & 2x 14 watt flouresent bulbs.
350 Penguin Bio-Wheel filter
DIY co2 system & glass diffuser


Amazon swords
Water Sprite
Rotala Indica
Ludwigia palustris (Water Primrose)
Jungle Val


2 Angel Fish
1 Rainbow
2 plecos

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Do u have snails?

Yeah i have snails.

Alex are you dosing any ferts? if not then you may have an issue with nutrient deficiencies.  if you have dirt then you should be fine with nutrients for roughly 2 years of using the dirt with high co2.  

you may have issues with tears due to water current?? (< dont really know about that statement)

I'm not dosing, but i put root tabs once in a while.. no i have no dirt, thinking about converting though. Thanks for your reply!

thanks! very helpful!

great repost Peter. This most likely is the answer to the question =)

not enough light! swords like high light???


Yeah i know! lights are just so freakin expensive!!

the crappy part is you have a 29 gallon that was my first size, when i started planted aquariums, i seem to have better luck with shallower tanks like 10 gallons 20 long ect. you don't need a $200 light to penetrate light all the way down to the bottom. remember the good light has to get all the way down to your plants. those compact flourecent bulbs that you can get at walmart or home depot has a better selection work great 6500k you can get them in allmost any wattage build your own fixture thats what i did. if you consider a new light some day do your home work alot of those so called t5 systems aren't all they claim to be.

One light that I am now running on my 40 and 20 gallon is the ZooMed T5 HO.

Their models are inexpensive compared to most other high output lights and I've been pleased with mine.  Plants are growing amazingly.  Just another option.

is it on all the leaves...including the new leaves?? if its just on the outer oldest leaves they could just be old leaves decaying and showing more wear from the snails....if its just the older ones id say just trim them more better looking ones will come back.



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