I have a 10g planted and was wandering how long to run my lights? 

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We need more info to help you out. What type o lights do u have on your tank?t12,t8,t5,t5ho? How many plants do you have in your tank? Is it a dirted tank or are you dosing ferts? After u answered most o that we can help you out a bit better.
I forgot to also ask how many fish your tank has as well

I have a t8 Aqueon FloraMax bulb.  I'm not using dirt, but I will soon and yes, I am using ferts Plant food, liquid CO2, and SeaChem root tabs.  I have 5 platies, 3 guppies, one cory cat had three, but two died and they died from dropsy, and one female betta.  I know its over stocked, but I do weekly water changes and the Ammonia level is 0 ppm and the fish are very healthy.

OH its fully planted I have Water Wisteria, Amazon Swords, Cryps, and Anubias.

From what u said u can run ur lights 6- 9 hrs maybe even push 10 hrs but try the low end of that like only 7 hrs and see how it goes if ur tank is ok after a week of that ( no algae what so ever) u can add another hour to te time. The main point is paying attention to ur tank if ur having some algae growth lower the time te lights are on and it's basically trial and error till u get a good balance of light

Sounds good.  Thx for the help.




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