I would like to know how much Prime I should use for a gallon of water.  I heard it was 2 drops is this correct.

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the measurement of a drop is not exact.  the best way to use prime for 1 gallon is to measure 0.1ml and put that in.  after calculations you should come up with 0.1ml per 1 gallon.  Find a syringe that you can use.  you can find them at schools, universities, chemistry classes(main place) you can buy them online and even buy a baby dropper for medicine.  as long as you can measure 1 tenth or 0.1 ml then you wont be wasting your prime by over dosing (although if you need to overdose because of high concentrations of chlorine, chloramines, heavy metals, or nitrite then its understand able)

Thanks a lot man.  I've been asking all over and that's the best answer I got.  :D




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