So i got this aquarium since i was like 10yrs old, and now iam starting to doubt it is well equipped. In many videos i see that water in aquariums is actually flowing kinda fast, and because i don't see water flowing in my tank at all, Iam worried. This is 420l tank and my water pump is going on with 350l/hour, is that enough? I mean someone says it should pump all the water trough the molitan at least twice an hour so I should get 800l/h ? It's gonna be planted aquarium and I really want the plants to go well, and not get drown because I got too weak water pump. Just to specify It's that kind of inner filter where theres hidden water pump behind a wall of filtering material, but i cannot afford any kind of proffesional cannister filter, I just want to know if thats enough waterflow.

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Ideally you want at least 6x per hour
I use a 450 lph filter on my 64l
A power head and fine sponge combo is kinda cheap but you could also get another HOB for probably the same 20$




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