Hey guys i going to be getting the marneland c-220 canister filter and i read go reviews about it and hear they are good, but i want your opinion do you think this filter is good, and is it worth buying.

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I have had mine about a month and so far its great.

i have this filter for my 55 gal rainbow tank and wow is it great!

i would definately tell you to buy it its worth the money!

Sorry its been so long, but anyway i did get this canister filter and i have had it for almost half a year know maybe a little longer and it has been great so far, and it keeps my tank almost crystal clear along with a weekly water change of 25 to 35 percent and a 55 gallon h.o.b filter but i think it would do a good job even without the extra cleaning, and i agree it is well worth the money.




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