Name the plant... yes the purple plant

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I believe this is a Red Crinkle Leaf. A non-aquatic plant usually sold as an aquarium plant.  

thank u Lucien i bought it at the lfs in an impulse and was told it was a fully aquatic plant, but wen i got home and handled it, it felt like a non aquatic plant the leaves all stiff and stem like not a stem plant sooo thank u very much

Pretty sure its a non-aquatic species.

Looks like a Greg, or maybe Gordon.

Or did I misunderstand the question?


I think i found the true name of this plant. Purple Waffle Plant - Hemigraphis Alternata

yes thats correct =)  I was thinking of buying it today

As a general rule of thumb, if it generally looks like a non-aquatic plant, it usually is. This looks like a red version of a lettuce-like plant lol.

Lobelia cardinalis -emerse form.

Well, I was pretty sure of myself but after a quick check on google I'm not so sure...

Crimson Ivy (hemiographis colorata) I think. Its not a true aquatic, may only live for a year.




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