I am new here. Was looking at converting my sons 10 gallon to a dirt tank.So when i got up today I noticed the carpet near the aquarium stand was wet.Somehiw my HOB filter was leaking. So I have drained the tank and put the betta that inhabited the tank in a quaritne tank. I had already started curing some driftwood. Planning on getting some miracle gro organic potting soil and some plants.If anyone has any tips that my help setting up a ten gallon dirt tank feel free to let me know. Thanks in advance

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How did the dirt tank setup go?

Mix the dirt well with water and make it a muddy mess ; ) I just did that, about an inch overall. Slightly higher in the rear center and capped with inert gravel about 1.5" Pressed in after slowly adding 3-4 inches of water. I only had one spot burp on me. I over filter and I measure like 450 TDS after day one. Then I did a 25% and its down to 400 ppm. Put fish in and used a cycled filter, added like 6 plants and 4 fish. Waited a few days and I did another WC and am at 375ppm, pH is like 7.4 and it kicks up a spot of dirt when I add a plant but the overfiltering cleans that up in minutes. Hope you project was a success!
All my tanks are dirted, the best thing I can tell you is and a few pellets of clay your plants will thank you for it. As far as adding water doing this in small increments wellwill help keep the mud effect down. A massive water change after the tank is full for a few days



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