I recently started a new discussion category that should be free of spam.  

Please give us some input on discussions we can have.  The nominated topics will be made into a discussion in which we can all partake. 

Let the brain storming begin!!

BTW for each discussion idea if you have a paragraph or more, plz send it to me so that i can collate the info into one, that way I nor Peter have to do all the discussion writing.  After the post is is done then we can discuss what was stated.

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how to cycle a tank?

how to properly stock a tank

how to successfully dirt a tank

What is the best light for plants?
What do i need to look for when getting a light? 
par or wpg?

I know there  are high tech lights and LEDs and such, but I have a very successful 90 gallon with plants (water wisteria) that are growing so well I need to hack them down every 2 weeks so there is room for the fish to swim.  All I have is 2-6500k flourscent lights I got at Lowes with a cheap flourscent holder ($20) from the same place.  My plants and fish are doing so well I have an abundance of baby fish now and plants.  I got rid of my CO2 system, my secondary bio filter, don't need them.  The chemistry of the water is excellent, it is cystal clear, no algae, it is the best tank in my life.  So if lighting is important, go cheap, it worked best for me.

pH, general hardness, and carbonate hardness.  seems people dont understand the relation between them.

dont forget co2 in that list and how it effects PH as well as its relation to your KH

why dirt is not a bad thing for fishtanks. 

How to diffuse c02

how to setup a c02 injector

that would be a great discussion im setting up one myself at the moment costing me a fortune im up to about 230 dollars and i havent even bought the tank, heater or base rock

hot to not get algea in a dirted aquarium



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