Hey guys today I was in the process of removing the black edges off a 10 gallon aquarium I had. I applied too much pressure on the glass and it cracked. I decided to place my 10 gallon outside and mess around with it so heres what I did. 

I filled up the tank 75 percent.

 I decided not to use Miracle Grow Organic Choice on purpose because I know that it'll probably have more nitrates due to it containing fertilizer. Im not planning on adding any fish to this aquarium anyways so Im hoping it should be fine.

After I did so I got the container that a betta fish usually come in and filled it 75% with Miracle grow potting soil. I also cut up some clay into little pieces and mixed them with the soil nicely.

After mixing the clay and dirt well I put a piece of Wisteria nice and deep into the container. I capped the dirt that was exposed with a layer of gravel to keep the dirt from floating up. 

I carefully put the container into the water filled aquarium. 

The reason why I placed the dirt and plant into a container is because I feel like the plants will be getting a lot more nutrients directly right from the start. Also I feel like I will have less of an algae problem from accruing since I'm using Non-organic dirt. I know it might have some trouble creating a routing system but this is just an experiment to see how well it will grow like this. Let me know what you guys think I'd love to hear some feedback

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Im Doing Almost The Same Thing With A 46G Bow Front With Luwigia And Some Duck Weed.

Nice. How long have you been doing it for? This is only the second day for me and I've noticed the plants have lost some coloration. Here in southern california its kind of gloomy so maybe theyre not getting enough sunlight. Let me know how things are going with you

How did this work for you?

im going to be doing something very similar except im going to dirt the whole bottom of the tank and just mess around and have fun



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