Hi, I'm just seeing if someone can offer advice. I have a 260l tank, established originally 6 years and redirted 3 years ago. My tap water is neutral at 7 but even after a large water change my tank is still measuring at PH 5. My discus seem happy and no nitrite/nitrate problems. I'm just concerned if it dips further I may get fatalities. My tank is heavily planted with a lot of bog wood.
I understand the substrate and wood can be lowering my ph. Do you think I should leave it be,or do I need to do anything to adjust the water?

Thanks for any replies.

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The problem with such a low pH is that the nitrogen cycle slows down.  Ammonia can build up because of this.  In a low pH tank it's not a huge deal because Ammonia (nh3) converts to Ammonium (nh4+) which is far less toxic, but if something is added to the tank, or a big water change happens, that ammonium could shift back as the pH goes back up towards 7.  

As long as it's working the way it is, I'd leave it be.  But I do run crushed coral in the filter of my tanks with low hardness to help maintain stability.



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