I am going to buy a pressurized C02 system soon, can I get some advice on what kind of setup to purchase.I am probally going to get c02 line and a good check valve. Using a DIY inline reactor


-I am looking at getting a 20 pound c02 tank (I dont want to refill it everyday)

-solenoids, do I need one or not, is a reg and a needle valve okay>?

-PH controllors, is this something I should mess with?

- Should I turn it off at night?

-were should I fill it for cheap(welding suppliers?)


If I forgot anything please let me know I dont want to spend over 200 $


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stop replying in this post if you dont have anything about the post to say.

Wow, that makes you look so intelligent. He makes a well thought out post with bullet points and a structure and you bust his balls about one typo? Every other thread on here has no punctuation, runon rambling and mispellings. Where have you been? I'd love to hear what your thoughts on the subject besides just being a douche.


Are Milwaukee Co2 MA957 Regulators known for dumping at the end?

I'm not sure on this one so check it out, but I think the needle valve is the culprit in EOTD.kf

"In a CO2 tank you have liquid and vapor. The vapor is what we inject into our tanks. As the vapor is used, pressure in the tank is reduced, the liquid boils off and turns to vapor increasing pressure again. This all happens at a steady rate, so you don't see the fluctuation on a guage. When you reach the end of the liquid your tank pressure will start to drop as the last of the vapor is used. This is where some regulators will have a problem holding pressure and dump"

all right, question: where does excel play into this? I heard somewhere it could be either liquid co2 or some form of carbon.. would it be used as a replacement or as well as a co2 system (diy or otherwise)? I'm going to assume it creates a more stable environment, but is one better over the other, or is it just personal preference? 

i spoke to the seachem rep in my LFS one day and he said u can use excel (liquid carbon) in conjunction with co2 without any risk, as its not co2 gas it doesn't add to the co2 content of the water, its just another form of carbon available to plants. I have used liquid carbon as my primary source of carbon for plants before switching to pressurised and i had amazing results. Im not saying liquid carbon is as good as pressurised but i would use it over DIY every time...



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