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As you tell from the topic above, I'm in need of some guidelines on how to remove hard water stains from aquarium tank. It would be some big help if anyone knows some web site or products that might be a great help for my problem.

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Vinegar is a great safe cleaner for tanks.

If you are cleaning a tank with no fish, vinegar works very well. You don't want to get vinegar in tank water housing fish! For this purpose, I scrape it off with a razor blade.

i try everything...including vinegar...


never got any off so I let it be..

If we are talking glass tops under plant lighting, a build-up of mineral deposits will greatly reduce your PAR values. I clean glass tops every three to four months by spraying them down with full strength vinegar and letting them lay in my bathtub for 30 mins. or so. Then I scrub them with soapless, plastic pot scrubbers, rinse and dry.The stubborn areas can be scraped carefully using a single edge razor blade. It makes a great deal of difference visually in the tank. I usually don't bother with it so much around the tanks top rim because the shrimp can be seen picking at it from time to time.
Cool n thanks guys for your help. I mean I'm not going to set up this tank any time soon. If all else fail what else should i use? Well just in case if it fails. I heard CLR is always good to remove this problem.
give it  a try and rinse well and let use know...might try it
clr is a gr8 way to go just be sure not to get it in ur tank. if ur doing glass tops u can easily clean them off the tank. same with crusty filters & equip stuff u can rinse off after. if its IN the tank a nice new scrub scotch brite pad helps break it up
Hey guys thanks for all your help and advises. From what I tested out if you ever get a used tank and it contains huge amount of hard water stain. CRL is very useful to break down the built on the glass, along with a fine wool scrubber. I used this on my empty 130 gallon tank that I had to clean and than prep for re-sealing. But before I start to setting up this tank I'm to going to wipe it down with some alcohol to remove any chemicals left behind.
very good to know...



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