My Sterbai Cory Cats keep dying off and i dont know why. My water parameters are fine all my other fish are healthy. I did lose a angelfish as well but it came from a friends tank who he kind of abandoned so i expected it to die. But i dont understand why the corys did. I had them for about two weeks and all they did was swim up and down against the glass for two weeks now they're all missing and ive found two of them dead. 

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What's your PH ?
What other fish are you keeping?
Test ur water and post ur parameters. Do u wc ur tank? If so how much and how often. Did u qt ur fish before adding them to main tank? Did corys die same day angel did?

I also have the same problem, I had 10 albino corys and 2 already die, all they do is swim up and down the glass, they only stop to eat "sometimes" if you find an answer I would appreciate passing on the info.

Thank you Micah,,

@Martin Do you do water changes? If you do how many times per month?  Do you use a water conditioner for the new water if you use tap water from the municipal/ city source?  Many reasons the fish could affected.

Yes, I do water changes every weekend religiously, and I utilize Prime for the new water, I was thinking maybe the fertz I use for the plants, I use the Seachem brand but I follow the instructions.

My water parameters are good, PH is 6.8 in that tank I have Blue, Gold and Bolivian Rams, is a 40 gallon and I have 2 of each plus the now 8 albino corys.

Where did u buy the corys?


That could be the only thing I can think of. Your tank sounds fine. Maybe they have some sort of disease. Turn up your temperature and go from there

That's what I was thinking, all of them are the same size, maybe from the same mom, probably a congenital problem, I will raise the temp to 82, Petsmart told me they will replace them, I bought that many since they had them for $1.00/ea.

Ya, I've had that problem before, it really blows. Hope it all works out,
First off all cories will swim up and down the glass not every second but often enough. Albinos ( I had eight sold four) a lot they will also shoot to the top of the tank and back down again, they decided some fresh air was needed. Seriously cories god gulp air.
He big is the tank? Weekly water chanes if the tank is old do a search for old tank troubles if not has it gone through the full nitrogen cycle some tanks may take as long as six weeks are you doing full water testing?
What type of food are they having. Yes they will scavenge but they do have a regular diet. Check all of the above,.

I do water changes once a week. MY water parameters are perfect Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate all 0 PH is about 7.4 i have 5 angels a betta 4 australian rainbows 6 zebra danios and a bushy nose starry pleco. Every other fish is doing fine. out of the 6 cory cats only one is alive. My best guess is they just werent getting enough food



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