Currenty for my planted (newly dirted) I have a coralife PC ligh fixture with 2 6700K bulbs and 2 10000k bulbs. All bulbs are of need of being replaced been going strong for almost 2 years now.


But after reading all this T5 HO business it has me wondering if I should just get one of these fixtures rather than spending 100 dollars worth of new PC bulbs.


Any suggestions, tips or hints?

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Oh I am running a pressurized CO2 system as well if that helps....
T5 ho is a great bulb and covers a great spectrum of color. But pc is good as well. We both prolly have the same light setup or close to it. I have the coralife too. I did a lot of searching for bulbs and someone from the old forum gave me this link to an article that had a bunch of other links and the new tech that is better in my opinion but hasn't taken off is t2 or led lights. But for ur pc go to I love these bulbs! sorry I got my sites mixed up earlier.

that or 

what size tank? and how high? how many watts per bulb?

it sounds like you have plenty of light and to switch to t5s and have the same amount of light might cost more

It's 75 gallon. Lights are about 15 inches from the substrate. The bulbs are 65watts each.
15" is it.. Ya man stay with what you have. My tank is about 22" from light to substrate with heavy tannin staining. I'll take some pix of it tonight it actually looks kinda cool but the one 6700k/10k bulb I have just gotten reaches to the bottom on its own. As soon as I can I'm going to switch out the second bulb for another one that's a plant grow red bulb. But ur looking at $30 ish in new bulbs vs a couple hundred for a good t5. That's why I stayed with my pc. I was in the same place u r last week.
You won't be able to order this for another week or so but here is the same bulbs on eBay.

go for it if you can afford it and save energy cost ..

no way youve got high lighting. to get a t5 that puts out the same amount of light will be more costly. totally not worth it. the fixture would cost more, youd hav to replace bulbs more often, even though it may save a 50 cents a month, in the end it won't pay off. just keep the light. the only reason to swithc would be its to much light and you have algae but you can fix that by removing a bulb or two. 

p.s. before you buy check my vid on lights it'll be posted either tonight or tomorrow. 

Replacing the bulbs will run me 120 bucks or drop an extra 20 bucks and get this....


with bulbs included.


What's been odd is i've gone to a bunch of pet shops and been noticing the PC section shrinking and even some places it's non existent.

Are you calculating $10 shipping for each bulb? Or $10 for the entire order? The pc bulbs should be $15 a piece. Unless you have the square pin.
the PC Coralife 65w at 24" were all around 25-35 bucks without shipping on most sites I checked (fosters&smith, ebay, amazon, and like 10 aquatic dealers).



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