Sword plants also known as Echinodorus are a very well known staple in the hobby along with banana plants and vals but for me the Sword plants stick out in my head the most being I have certain strategys of growing them that are stupidly funny.

Now almost every Planted Aquarium owner knows what a Amazon sword is but today let's talk about other sword plants.

Amazon Sword [Echinodorus Bleheri]

Red Rubin Sword [Echinodorus v. 'Rubin']

Red Melon Sword [Echinodorus X Barthii]

Sword - Vesuvius

Vesuvius Sword [Echinodorus angustifolia]

Kleiner Bar Sword [Echinodorus 'Kleiner Bar']

I.R.S. Indian Red Sword

Indian Red Sword [Echinodorus 'Indian red']

Marble Queen Radican Sword [Echinodorus cordifolius]

Red Flame Sword [Echinodorus Red flame]

Kleiner Prinz [Echinodorus 'Kleiner Prinz']

Even though we have so many varietys of sword plants In the Hobby I really enjoy a beautifully Giant Amazon Sword plant.

Thanks for reading.

-Hoyt Kamish.

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One of my favorite plants! Good read.

Thank you.



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