hey guys,

wanted to make a forum topic discussing discus! i recently purchased a 85 gallon and my lfs only offers discus to people who they think will take care of them they offered me them yesterday and i said il do some research first. so i want to make this forum all about anything someone needs to kno about getting discus and what works and doesn't work for them. i also would be interested in how many i should get or there tank mates. 

In the end jus tell me everything you know about these incredible fish.

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ive never kept Discus before but ive done a lot of research on them and ive had long conversations about them in pet shops! i have a juwel trigon 190 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BOjUHJrO7Hw&feature=plcp ive been told by a few people i could keep about 6 in there which i am planing on doing once ive got enough money! 

The fish i will be keeping with the Discus are Cory Cats, rummy nose tetras and probably a few more different fish. Ive been told not the keep fish like barbs that will nip the flowing fins of the discus! 

Discus also like lots of live plants so a planted tank would be better for Discus, id recommend plants like jungle val that grow high so the discus can swim in and out of them and hide when feel threatened plus it helps the water quality and makes the discus feel at home!! 

It is a myth to argue that Discus only like dimly lit aquaria. Grolux tubes have been a long term favourite of Discus keepers as they enhance the red and blues, however plants have needs too and full spectrum tubes such as Triton and even the new T5s are used by many without any problem at all.

Healthy Discus spend all day grazing for food, any fish not actively seeking food is sick. Discus eat a lot of food, too many people under feed their fish and this will result in health problems. Your "day" will (to a great degree) dictate how often you can feed your fish, but three times a day would be adequate - Discus only have small stomaches and process food quickly, so small meals at regular intervals is preferred to one or two big feeds. Just ensure that all the food is eaten and provide them with a varied and balanced diet. There is little need to risk live foods with the huge choice of frozen, dried and freeze dried foods available in the shops.

They like to be in schools. Like High temps. Good tankmates are corys and cardinal tetras. If u want to breed them it is best to have a bare bottom tank as they produce a lot of waste and a bare bottom tank makes for easier cleaning.



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