Hey there. So I want to buy a large (maybe 55 gallon-ish) aquarium. I've been looking into goldfish since I've had tropical fish tanks for a while. I know with tropical you can have an attractive variety, but goldfish seem to be so friendly (I have one in a pond) and beautiful in aquaria!
Which do you prefer and why? :D I love how ranchus and black moors look :)

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I prefer tropical fish, hey have so many colors! :D

I suggest getting a large (55 gallon) and fill it up with plants and have it be an angelfish tank.  have angelfish and they have just as much personality as a goldfish. Whenever I put my hands in the tank the angels peck at my fingers, its so sweet. Angelfish can also b kept with many other fish, dwarf cichlids, catfish, tetras, livebearers, discus, you name it!

I prefer tropical tanks... I love goldfish, but in a 55, you would be able to keep like maybe 5 goldies max. And to me, it's a bit of a waste for such a large tank! I also love plants and well, so do goldies, but they love to munch on them. There is just so much potential in the tropical world when it comes to a 55, and there's not a whole lot of potential for the 55 when you're doing goldies. 


Plus, I'm in love with Angelfish. So I agree with Brenden. ;)

thanks, I'm all for angelfish! :)

if i would to keep just one...i would go with a lino head as they are dam cute!!

I dunno the 20 tropical fish in my 55 still don't make the mess with fish crap that one goldfish would.  I don't miss cleaning that crap up :)


goldfish are much friendlier and will eat out of you hand with no hesitation.

they can get very big and will grow onto you very easily

they do poop a lot and you cold only have like 4-5 in the tank (when they get big.. there amazing)

also you can get fancy goldfish which will make it even better...

goldfish do eat plants so, bummer 

goldfish also have lots of different color and are hardy 

they don't need a heater (saves you 15 bucks)

most people will enjoy a tank with big fish more than a tank with a lot of little fish)

i hope you choose goldfish

good luck


I love how goldfish aquariums look, especially when they are fancy with long beautiful fins! I'm really thinking of having maybe three special goldfish :D

tropical is more expensive but looks way better, goldfish aquariums rarely look good

sara, the goldfish that start out "so tiny and cute" at the pet store might one day be as big as this!! and in a 55 gallon tank, its nothing, i go with tropical. :)




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