i feed my community - Tetra tropical flakes twice a week, blood worms, once a week, Mysis shrimp once a week, brine shrimp once a week, and vegetables, once a week. I don't feed them anything every Sunday!!!

Community also gets hikari bottom feeder food twice a week along with tetra tropical flakes...

Betta pretty much gets the same food, but instead of tetra tropical flakes, they get hikari betta baby pellets twice a week...


Whenever i feel like, i also feed them New life spectrum Goldfish Diet, because i have alot of them left over when i had my goldfishes!!!


What do you guys feed your fishes?????

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When you say you feed them vegitables.. what do you grate up some carrots?? I am still new at this whole thing. I have a very successful 10 gallon that I have had for over a year, but I am looking to get like a 40gal soon. I am going to try a planted aquarium this time and I would like to branch out from just feeding them flakes... So by veggies, what do you mean?

I feed my fish manley frozen bloodworms by sanfracisco bay brand, The only tank that i dont feed bloodworms to is the planted tank, and i feed them new life spectrum thera-a and omega one tropical flakes and frozen bloodworms twice a week. All my 5 fishtanks are very healthy and are thriving with happy fish while i should say spoiled fish because i take really good care of them, keep up the good work with your tank or tanks.



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