My best is to know what type of fish you are looking for. I made a big mistake I thought by getting tropical fish. I don't think they are all that active. Now I have some African cichlids and is as happy as can be.

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research everything before you buy

i guess you didn't do your homework.


all my tropical fish are active everyday

I had a couple of active ones but my neon tetras hid all day

Do your research, be patient (esp with planted tanks), but most of all just have FUN...


Great tip I currenly have a 29 gallon and I am loving it. I am looking to upgrade my tank to a 75-125 gallon.
Slow & steady wins this race. I know you want a carpet of baby tears like a tank pic on the web, but take it from experience, start low tech and learn your way up. It will save you time, money and frustration.

also with reefs!!!!

patience its the key with any aquarium set!!!!

research any fish you are going to buy before you get a tank so that you get a properly sized tank , and get a water test kit but the main thing is take it slow

African Cichlids are a hardy fish to start with but be sure to do your research on them. They need space and require special care because of their aggression. With some patience and sweat you'll be enjoying a colorful and active aquarium for years to come.

best advice I can give a new aquarium hobbyist is probably to do your homework, ask an insane amount of questions about everything, don't be afraid to experiment and find solutions that work for you and your living space, and get the largest tank you can afford.  Larger tanks are easier in most ways to balance chemically, offer more options for which species you can safely raise, and give you greater freedom when aquascaping.  A larger tank may also save your fish if something goes out of balance, because it can give you the few hours you need to save most of the inhabitants, where a small tank things can spiral out of control very, VERY quickly.

research your favourite fish. identify its requirements.

If you can give him what he requires, then buy him.

I always see people in my locale screwed up trying to keep small fishes(tetras,platys,guppies) with bigger aggressive cichlids(like oscar, flowerhorn) in a 20+ gallon tank.

you don wanna see hell i suppose :p

give the best your fish can get so that you can have a happy Fish Tank.



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