work shop lights or induction grow lights on planted tank?? ideas?

anyone ever use those strong workshop lights for mechanics to spot light an area, I think they are metal halide but not sure of the spectrum, ive read somewhere that intensity can override spectrum if you have enough of it. is my point of reference for that.


also ive been seeing like "plasma" bulbs that are as strong as metal halides with less wattage and less heat. since the pro ones are super expensive i noticed induction lamps which are more or less the same principle. how would these fare over a tank


anyone use hydroponic lights like the reds blues to grow plants?. just want to hear some feedback and get some ideas on the matter


p.s what about using a reflector over a square tank so that all the light goes directly into the tank(reflective mylar on 3 sides) to grow lush dwarf HG and BT

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I dont know what size your tank is, but for my 29g planted tank I went to Walmart and bought a 2-pack of 26 watt daylight bulbs for 8 dollars and 2 clip on lamps for 4 dollars each. 


Yea thats right. For about 16-18 dollars i got about 1.8 watts per gallon and wound up saving over a hundred dollars!


You can do the same. Just make sure the bulbs you get are the little spiral compact fluorescent ones and are DAYLIGHT bulbs (it should say on the pack that they are in the 6400k-6500k range. which is perfect for growing plants.). Then just buy the appropriate amount of bulbs and clip on lamps you need to get the desired watts per gallon for your tank.


No need to pay outrageous prices just to grow plants.

ive used the clip on lamps with nano tanks, i have  2 tanks 1x 40g tall, and 1x 60g corner tank. im looking to grow high needs plants like dwarf hairgrass and baby tears. i already have ei dosing and pressurized co2 on i might turn a tank into a paludarium so a light i can hang from high above and still penetrate all the into the water would be ideal thinking of quartz halogen flood lamps not metal halide.



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