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green fire tetras and no more plants, oh my

Wow, can't wait to find a new home for these guys.   I picked up "something hardier" than the rummies I lost,  to put in my newly replanted tank.  SO MUCH for that.   These guys destroyed my temple plant, green foxtail, and really chewed up my pennywort.   What a mess.   Just posted them on craigslist.  Pretty little things but WOW. 

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damn it.. fish tragedies.

I found a store with rummies and I've been adding them 3 at a time to not overstock the tank all at once.  UGH.   My fish from that store had been great so far.   The last 3 I added all my rummies broke out with ich a week after I got them.   Treated with salt and heat,  but all 11 of my rummies were dead in 3 days.  

The rest of my fish were fine.   After 2 weeks treating I did a big cleaning and water change, then did something STUPID.    All of the fish left in the…


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Feature Fish Suggestion for 30 gal.

I started with red honey gourami, 3, as my larger feature fish in the 30 gal, but they have all been sickly and faded,  when everyone else is doing great (and from different stores).    So I'm looking for something different to add to the tank. 

This is a planted tank,  around 78F,  pH 7.0-7.5,  fairly soft water. 

Current residents:  7 rummy nose tetra,  1 siamensis, 2 false bandit cory cats. 

Looking for something between the 2-3" range,…


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Apple snail- Zamboni

I put an apple snail in my 10 gallon last Sunday, and I can't believe what a great job he's done.   The glass and rocks are spotless,  even the rocks with bits of starter plants tied to them.   He cleaned all around and over them without touching the healthy green stuff.   Now he's started on the plants, going up and down each one, and they seem to appreciate having…


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Ammonia & Nitrite readings in new 10gal.

Day 1- 3:   ammonia0

Day 4:      ammonia 0.25

Day 5:      ammonia0.5

Day 6:      ammonia 0.5

Day 7:      ammonia 0.25    nitrites 0

Day 8:      ammonia 0        nitrites  0.5

Day 9:                              nitrites 1.0  (20% water change)

Day 10:                            nitrites 1.0  (20% water change)   first nitrates detected but <20

Day 11:                            nitrites  0.5         nitrates  20



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When "free shipping" isn't a good deal :(

Ordered 2 anubias online (ebay) and waited 3 weeks for them.   Free shipping for limited time.  UGH.

Came in a flat envelope, no special markings, left in my mailbox (it's 25 degrees F here) under a heavy pile of other mail.

They were flattened and cold damaged,  got them into tank water ASAP and cut out the obvious damaged parts, but alas they did not make it.  By today even the roots and rhizomes that were left were soft and mushy, no saving those.   Lesson…


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