Alright the next project that I'm in progress with now is a 20 high. So far I'm planing on a pool filter sand substrate with driftwood and schooling fish just because I like the schools better than single fish.

The questions I have for everyone is what type of plants?? And fish would look good in this tank??

Also what type of ferts, food, fish, plants, etc. would you recommend for any of my tanks?? (13 high, 20 high)

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Comment by Peter on July 3, 2014 at 12:46am

plants u get depends on lights u have, let us know wat lights u run. then it depends if u run co2, and any tetra type fish in big schools look nice. u mights just need roots tabs or no ferts at all depending on plants and if ur running co2. n e fish food that doesn't start w/ a starch is good for ur fish.

Comment by Malek Bolin on July 3, 2014 at 4:29pm
On my planted tank I run aqueon led's, but no co2 :(.
Yesterday I order some Jungle Val from one of the specialty lfs around that is run by a hobbiest. I'm picking those up tomorrow and the tank will then have

Wisteria(which is doing bad of late), Anubius nana (which I believe is flowering right now), Java fern (doing great, has a lot of runners) Java moss, dwarf baby tears(which are actually doing pretty well and are growing well, even without co2) and then the jungle val


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