I have a W120/H60/D60(cm) tank and i want to add bright light needed plants in my aquarium so i have chosen 4 led tube light of 4feet,20watt and 6500k is that enough or i add some more light?What type of light should i use in my tank instead of led tube light and how much should i need.Thanks

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Comment by Rumble Fish on November 11, 2017 at 11:51am
Hi, I know this post is a bit old now but I was wondering how your lighting choice worked out? I use 2 four foot T8 5000k LED tubes hanging from a shop fixture on my clay base 75g planted tank and I an very happy with the results. I’ve had no problem growing crypts, anubias and lotus bulbs in the soil and java fern, java moss, and Bolbitis heudelotii on my driftwood.

On my second aquarium, a dirtied 100g planted tank, I choose to use a track lighting system since the tank is 6 feet long and they don’t make tubes in that length. I use 8 pots with 6500k LED spots in them and I also have great results with my plants. The pots allow me to aim light at certain plants as required and create shadows for an interesting affect.

I’ve also started growing plants around the rim of the tank in certain areas and let the roots hang into the water for a natural affect. I’ve had the best luck with the pothos vines and find cutting them back often creates density.

Both aquariums are heavily stocked and planted and and combined with the pothos I never have any ammonia, nitrites or nitrates readings at all.

Hope it’s all working out for you.


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